Expertise Education & Experience

Phil Breuser has decades of experience as a professional meteorologist on the West Coast. He has worked as a government Fire Weather Forecaster and in the private sector as a forecaster assisting industry. He specializes in weather training and forensics. Learn More!

Forensic Meteorology

Mr. Breuser is a meteorological consultant to the legal and insurance industries. He re-creates past weather at any location and prepares reports used by insurance adjusters and as legal documentation. He provides expert testimony regarding past weather conditions. Learn More!

Weather Training

Weather modules have been developed which assist people in the construction, recreation, and road maintenance industries. Training materials are clear, easy to understand, and can be modified to fit into a 2-hour to 2-day session. Mr. Breuser focuses on your particular needs. Learn More!

Presentations - Talks - Seminars

Your group needs a speaker who has knowledge in local weather. Your professional association wants to hear the latest in meteorology, because weather impacts your industry. Phil Breuser speaks to a variety of audiences, offering perspective and special interest information. Learn More!

Phil Breuser Contact

Contact Mr. Breuser directly with your questions or your needs. He should be able to help, or send you in the right direction if he cannot help. Email Phil now at!